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CoEPrA 2006
Comparative Evaluation of Prediction Algorithms

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Comparative Evaluation of Prediction Algorithms
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CoEPrA (Comparative Evaluation of Prediction Algorithms) is a modeling competition organized to provide an objective testing for various classification and regression algorithms via the process of blind prediction. The problems proposed in the CoEPrA experiment are selected from cheminformatics, drug design, QSAR, bioinformatics, computational biology, medicine, toxicology, microarray gene expression data, and proteomics.

The goal of the CoEPrA competition is to advance the algorithms and software for modeling chemical, biological, and medical data, with special emphasis on the prediction of physico-chemical properties and biological activities from molecular descriptors derived from the chemical structure. In addition, CoEPrA will provide a reference database of modeling datasets that can be used to validate and compare new classification and regression algorithms.

In each CoEPrA task the participants receive a calibration dataset and a prediction dataset. The model (classification or regression) derived from the calibration dataset is used to predict the dependent variable of the prediction dataset. These predictions must be deposited before the deadline of each task. The Organizers and Evaluators for each CoEPrA task will evaluate all predictions and will anounce the ranking of the participants.

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CoEPrA - Comparative Evaluation of Prediction Algorithms
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